Idiom:  by far


Idiom:  by far

  • a large degree

Example sentences

— My brother is my father's favorite child by far.

— He's the best player on the team by far.

— This is by far the worst birthday I've ever had.

— This year we had the highest attendance by far at the fall homecoming football game. 

— That was the worst presentation by far so I hope the next will be significantly better.

— This year we will have more snow by far than any other year in the past  three decades.

— That's the hardest test I've ever taken by far.

— I thought  the second contestant was the best by far but the other judges did not agree with me.

— The first year of law school is the hardest by far but you will be very busy all three years.

— This wine tastes the best by far. Let's buy a case.

— Everyone agreed that Sarah was the best candidate by far. Unfortunately, she rejected our job offer.

— My father liked my brother the best by far but I still felt loved.

— That is by far the saltiest mashed potatoes I've ever tasted. Yuck. Someone must have made a mistake.

— Our children like going swimming better than going to the park by far.

— Your new boyfriend is the nicest by far. I hope you end up marrying him.


  • by a great deal
  • no doubt
  • without doubt

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