Idiom:  by and large


Idiom:  by and large

  • mostly
  • generally

Example sentences

— By and large, most of the students at my school come from extremely conservative families but there are a few very liberal-minded kids like me.

— The weather is by and large pleasant for most of the year with one or two cooler months in the winter.

— By and large cigarette smoking has dramatically fallen but experts are worried about the rise in vaping among high school students.

— We're pleased, by and large, with our new house but we're going to remodel the kitchen and give it a good paint job.

— By and large you'll find it very quiet here in August because most people close up their shops and go on holiday.

— A million passengers travel with us each year by and large.

— I would say that, by and large, we had a very good harvest this year.

— By and large most of our international students come from the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

— The weather was, by and large, unusually warm this year.

— You could expect to earn $45,000 by and large as an elementary school teacher.

— The crowd by and large was mostly European.

— We liked the house by and large. The only problem is that it's located near a busy road.


  • as a whole
  • on the whole
  • generally speaking
  • for the most part
  • all in all

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