Idiom:  bring someone to their knees


Idiom:  bring someone to their knees

  1. to defeat or stop someone
  2. to make someone submit or be in a position of subservience

Example sentences

— A heart attack will bring a workaholic to their knees.

— You better stop drinking and driving or an accident or arrest will bring you to your knees!

— Today we've witnessed a 15-year old girl bring a top 10 veteran tennis player to her knees.

— My roommate's such a big, strong guy but his new girlfriend has brought him to his knees.

— It was disease that brought indigenous populations to their knees not defeat on the battle field.

— Some parents send their kids to military academies to try to bring them to their knees and respect authority.

— We're looking forward to the football game Saturday. Our new defensive line is going to bring the other team to their knees.

— The government's latest regulatory policies are bringing the stock market to its knees.

— New allegations against the CEO are bringing the company to its knees.

— The police strike in Brazil has brought the country to its knees as people are afraid to leave their homes.

— A tiny mosquito carrying malaria will bring the healthiest person to their knees.

— On the third day of the cruise, the norovirus brought the entire cruise ship—passengers and crew alike—to their knees.

— Please do not ever smoke crack again! That drug will bring you to your knees!

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  • get the best/better of someone
  • knock out
  • blow away
  • kick (someone's) ass [informal, slang]
  • to make someone bow down

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