Idiom:  breathe easy


Idiom:  breathe easy / breathe easier

  • to be / become more calm or relaxed

Example sentences

  • You'll breathe easy after your mid-term exams are over.
  • Most people breathe easier when they learn how to budget their money and learn to plan for unexpected expenses. 
  • We're breathing easy now that the audit of our finances is behind us.
  • I thought I'd breathe easier after I confronted my daughter about some photos we found on her phone but after talking to her, we're even more concerned than we were before.
  • My wife is having a very difficult pregnancy. We're going to be breathing easier once she's made it through the first trimester.
  • I know it's pathetic but we're breathing easy because our daughter just got engaged to marry a surgeon.
  • Are you breathing easy now that you sold your house?
  • Everyone's been breathing easy since the hurricane was downgraded to a tropical storm.


  • heaving a sigh of relief
  • calm down
  • settle down

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