Idiom:  breathe down someone’s neck


Idiom:  breathe down someone’s neck

  • to pressure someone by watching and monitoring them closely

Example sentences

— I cannot fix your phone with you breathing down my neck like this. Please come back in 30 minutes.

— If you don’t finish your homework early, I will breathe down your neck all evening long until it is done.

— Your boss is a complete jerk for breathing down your neck like that.

— How can I do something without making mistakes when you constantly breathe down my neck? It's distracting!

— I've been breathing down my kids' necks every day to keep their rooms clean.

— If you continue to breathe down your kids' necks about school they'll hate it.

— I thank my parents for breathing down my neck about not using drugs because it gave me an excuse to say no to my friends when they started using.

— Why don't you get a personal trainer? It's easier to push yourself to work out when someone's breathing down your neck.

— I'm not sure how I was able to finish the report with the Director breathing down my neck but somehow I managed.


  • keep (a) watch
  • stand over someone
  • follow/watch someone's every move
  • keep (close) tabs on someone
  • look/watch over someone's shoulder
  • watch someone like a hawk

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