Idiom:  break the ice


Idiom:  break the ice

  • to make a beginning or start of something
  • to start a conversation with someone that you meet for the first time

Example sentences

— At the conference will have several activities to help people break the ice.

— It’s always easiest to break the ice after I’ve had a few drinks.

— Everybody at the meeting already knows each other so let's not have one of those corny exercises to break the ice.

— Unfortunately, his sexist jokes did nothing to break the ice among then meeting attendees.

— What activity are you planning to help break the ice at the conference?

— Early YouTube vloggers broke the ice for discussing even the most personal topics on video.

— The internet broke the ice for millions of small businesses to trade in goods and services without having physical offices or storefronts.

— To break the ice, we passed around a box of matches with each person lighting one and saying something quickly about ourselves before it burnt out.

— Our professor brought in a box with three snakes on the first day of class. What a way to break the ice. Everyone had something to say.

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