Idiom:  both feet on the ground


Idiom:  (one's) both feet on the ground

  • to have a clear, realistic understanding of one's situation

Example sentences

— My daughter's boyfriend is in a rock band but surprisingly he's got both feet on the ground.

— Many young athletes throw away millions of dollars because they don't have their feet on the ground

— Many of our customers don't have their feet on the ground when they come in to buy a new car and we're trained to exploit this situation.

— No one thought I had my feet on the ground when I quit my job to work full-time on my YouTube channel but now I've got a million subscribers.

— My husband really didn't have both feet on the ground when he agreed to buy our kids a horse.

— If we'd had our feet on the ground, we would have paid down our mortgage instead of remodeling our basement.

— Your father and I are concerned you don't have your feet on the ground. Why do you have to go to China to teach English?

— You think he's got both feet on the ground? He acts like he's on drugs!

— After my wife died, I had to put both feet on the ground to care for our kids.


  • have one's head (screwed) on straight

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