Idiom:  bore someone to death


Idiom:  bore someone to death

  • to not be interesting
  • to be very boring to someone

Example sentences

— The movie bored me to death so I fell asleep in the theater.

— Our new roommate bores us to death with her long stories about her friends back home. 

— I'm going to slip out to get coffee—this presentation is boring me to death.

— Everyone was bored to death at the last company picnic so no one wants to go this year. 

— How could you be bored to death at an amusement park?

— My date was gorgeous but she honestly bored me to death and I ended the night early.

— You're boring me to death with your complaints about work.

— Let's go home. The kids look bored to death.

— I've downloaded lots of games and movies to my iPad so my son won't be bored to death during the 14-hour flight.

— I'm bored to death at home during lockdown. When will they find a vaccine for Coronavirus?

— High school bored me to death. It was so easy and the teachers had zero energy.

— Everyone loved Harry Potter but the first book bored me to death and I refused to read the others.

— My grandfather always tells the same stories from when he was the quarterback of his high school football team and it bores everyone to death.


  • bored stiff
  • bored to tears
  • bore the pants off

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