Idiom:  bear out something


Idiom:  bear out something (bear something out)

  • to prove or confirm that something is true
  • to verify something

Example sentences

— My own experience bears out research that shows drinking diet soft drinks doesn’t help people lose weight.

— For the first time in many years, the election results did not bear out what the polls predicted beforehand.

— The survey bore out our belief that customers found it difficult to navigate the new website interface. 

— I love science because you can enter data to find out if it bears out your hypothesis.

— I was relieved when feedback from participants bore out the quality of the workshop. 

— We suspect emails offering a discount get the highest response but we should really run a split test to see if it bears out our thinking

— The marketing team was really surprised when sales figures didn't bear out our customer survey responses. Perhaps the survey sample wasn't large enough for accurate results.

— I can confirm that tracking expenses bears out all the claims that writing down purchases causes a person to spend less.

— I think the polls will bear out the presidential election results this time.

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