Idiom:  be game


Idiom:  be game

  • to be willing to participate in something

Example sentences

— I’m game for whatever you want to do this weekend.

— My girlfriend is the best because she's game for hanging out with my guy friends, playing sports and doing things outside. 

— Are you game for tennis this weekend?

— Your boyfriend is so cool! I love how he's always game for shopping and chick flicks.

— We're game for going to the beach this weekend if you can drive.

— I know I said I was game for skiing this weekend but I forgot I've got a 20 page paper due on Tuesday.

— I'm game for going out later—as long as I'm home by midnight.

— My brother asked if you're game for going to the mall later.

— Am I game for Chinese food? Yes, I love it.

— We broke up because he was never game for hanging out with my friends.

— The guy I met yesterday called to see if I was game to "Netflix and Chill." Ugh! I was so disappointed.

You're not game for getting a drink or eating out. What are you game for?


  • be up for

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