Idiom:  back to back


Idiom:  back to back

  • one thing immediately happening after another thing

Example sentences

— On Wednesdays, I’m really busy because I have four classes back to back.

— We were really unlucky to get snow so many storms back to back this winter.

— Please hold my calls. I have three meetings back to back this morning and don't want to be interrupted.

— Could you try to schedule the interviews for the new assistant back to back?

— We've taken trips to the Caribbean back to back the past few years so we're eager to try something different next year.

— My boyfriend and I have been watching "Orange is the New Black" episodes back to back all weekend.

— I went from undergrad to grad school and then law school back to back so I actually don't have much work experience other than internships.

— We have celebrated birthdays at work everyday back to back for nearly a week so I really need to get back on my diet this weekend.

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