Idiom:  back down
(from something/someone)


Idiom:  back down (from something/someone)

  • to not continue with a threat to do something

Example sentences

— The workers backed down from their plan to go on strike when the company director began to negotiate with them.

— My father has such a bad temper that he constantly threatens people. Fortunately, he usually backs down before too much damage is done.

— If I back down from insisting my husband gets counseling for his drinking, he'll never go and our relationship will surely end.

— I'm tired of being the one who always backs down in this relationship. This is supposed to be a partnership and my wishes should be just as important as yours.

— Our landlord has agreed to back down from his threat to evict us tomorrow. We have until Friday to come up with the last three month's rent.

— The protesters are not going to back down until an investigation into the police shooting is conducted.

— It looks like there was going to be a huge fight but luckily one of the students backed down just enough for the argument to settle down.

— If you back down on your promise to quit, the management team will not take you seriously in the future.


  • back pedal
  • go back on
  • throw in the towel

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