Idiom:  back away from


Idiom:  back away from (something/someone)

  • to stop supporting something (e.g., an idea or plan) any longer
  • to become less involved in something

Example sentences

  • Our supervisor wanted us to start working on Sundays but after everyone complained he backed away from the idea.
  • We backed away from launching a new product after we surveyed our customers and they didn't seem enthusiastic about it.
  • If you don't stop calling me, I'll get a restraining order to force you to back away from contacting me.
  • Many constituents backed away from supporting the senator's reelection after allegations of sexual harassment surfaced.
  • I think we need to back away from this idea until we have more information about the potential risks involved in the project.
  • I feel like you're backing away from our relationship. What's going on?
  • Our son planned to attend law school but he seems to have backed away from that decision and is now investigating business school.
  • We had decided to hire two assistants for our marketing team but after reviewing the budge,t we backed away from the idea and decided to hire only one.
  • You can't back away from your business when the first obstacle arises.  It takes persistence to be successful.


  • pull back
  • back out

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