Idiom:  at once


Idiom:  at once

  • right away, immediately

Example sentences

 Sheila, please come into my office at once!

 At once, the sky turned grey and it started raining cats and dogs.

 I need the kids to come in at once and eat their dinner.

 My wife went into labor and I knew we needed to get to the hospital at once.

 Clean up this mess at once! I cannot believe you have made a mess in your father's office.

 We need to leave at once if we want to get to the meeting on time.

 It was very strange. My boss started to get his coffee at once. I think someone must have told him it was sexist to ask me to do it.

— We just had a meeting with the lawyer and she said we need to get our privacy policy updated on the website at once.

— Our baby sister told us to come hold at once. She refused to tell us what's wrong.

— Yes, if you hired me I would be able to start the job at once.

 I need to lie down in a cool, dark at once. I'm developing a migraine headache.

— Start the patient on oxygen at once


  • all of a sudden
  • just like that
  • right away
  • out of the blue

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