Idiom:  (all) at once


Idiom:  (all) at once

  1. right away, immediately
  2. simultaneously

Example sentences

  • Sheila, please come into my office at once!
  • At once the sky turned grey and it started raining cats and dogs.
  • If we don't get our orders all at once please go ahead and eat so your food won't get cold.
  • My wife went into labor and I knew we needed to get to the hospital at once.
  • All at once, the sofa caught on fire and we were barely able to leave the apartment before it was engulfed in flames.
  • Everything happened so fast and all at once so I can't remember the individual details of the shooting at our school.
  • Don't everyone volunteer all at once to join the clean-up crew.
  • Everyone was shouting directions all at once so I couldn't understand anyone.
  • Do you really thing it's a good idea to take six college classes and work all at once?
  • My kids yelled "yes" all at once when I ask them if they wanted to order pizza.


Synonym for "immediately" meaning:

  • all of a sudden
  • just like that
  • right away
  • out of the blue

Synonym for "simultaneous" meaning:

  • in tandem

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