Idiom:  at all


idiom:  at all idiom

  • in any condition or way
  • to any degree or extent

Example sentences

— My adviser was not at all happy with my research paper.  

— I don't think that's funny at all. Take my bra off the dog and put it back in my drawer.

— I can’t eat peanuts at all because I have a severe allergy to them.

— My parents don't let me watch television at all during the week.

— To be honest I don't like your girlfriend at all—she's obnoxious, needy and a very jealous person.

— I should have just stayed at home rather than going to the game because everyone stood up and the people in front of me were so tall that I couldn't see anything at all.

— My Spanish really improved this summer because you couldn't speak English at all, neither in class nor with your host family.

— I literally came back from the dead because after lightning struck me they couldn't find my heartbeat at all.

— The test wasn't hard at all, I got 100 percent of the answers correct.

— If you can hear me, please hang up and call again. The line's so bad I can't hear you at all.

— Sorry, but Mr. Jackson is away on holiday and he was very clear that he wanted a break from work and we shouldn't contact him at all.


  • at any point
  • by any chance

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