Idiom:  all thumbs


idiom:  all thumbs 

  • clumsy or awkward in doing or using something.

Example sentences

— I’m all thumbs with arts and crafts but my daughter is great at it.

— Do I play the piano or guitar? Are you serious—I'm all thumbs!

— My husband dropped my mother's fine crystal glass as she handed it to him, proving once again that he's all thumbs.

— I wish I could paint like you but I'm all thumbs.

— You're so lucky that your husband is handy around the house. My husband is all thumbs so if we need a repair we have to call a handyman.

— My grandmother knit this sweater but there's a small hole right here. She's all thumbs but it's the thought that counts.

— Karen used to be a waitress here but she's all thumbs and dropped a couple of trays filled with food. Now she's doing a fantastic job as our hostess.

— I can't believe you learned how to juggle. I thought you were all thumbs.


  • butterfingered

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