Idiom:  all ears


idiom:  all ears  

  • to listen carefully and attentively
  • ready and eager to listen

Example sentences

— Everyone on the plane was all ears when the pilot said we had to make an emergency landing.

— "Mom are you even listening to me?" "Yes, dear. I'm all ears."

— The press corps were all ears when tennis champion Maria Sharapova said she'd failed a drug test.

— I hope everyone will be all ears when I give my valedictorian speech.

— Our daughter never paid attention to us but she was all ears when her boyfriend told her he'd break up with her if she continued to smoke.

— The patient was all ears when her doctor was about to reveal her medical test results.

— I aced my final exam because I was all ears during the last two classes when the professor highlighted what would be on the test.

— This was an excellent conference. The majority of the participants were all ears during the plenary sessions.

— When my teacher said there was an easy way to pass the test I was all ears.

— We were all ears when the director said he has some important personnel announcements to make.


  • hanging on every word

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