Idiom:  absent-minded



  • forgetful; not carefully remembering
  • preoccupied; not carefully paying attention
  • doing something carelessly

Example sentences

— My mother’s so absent-minded she not only loses her keys but she also forgets where she parks her car.

— You've been very absent-minded lately in class forgetting your homework and staring into space. Is there something going on at home that I should know about?

— I've been very absent-minded since my wife had a baby. I'm I think it's because I'm sleep deprived.

— My parents are completely different. My father is focused and attentive and my mother is absent-minded.

— We had to fire the housekeeper because she was absent-minded and kept leaving the front door unlocked every afternoon.

— I have no idea why but this morning I absent-mindedly drove to my old office instead of my new job.

— You can't find your purse again? Are you absent-minded or are you going senile?

— My daughter is going away to college and we are very worried because she's so absent-minded and we always have to remind her to do everything.

— Don't be so absent-minded when you're driving or you'll get in an accident!


  • out to lunch
  • scatterbrained

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