Idiom:  about to (do something)


about to (do something): 

  1. to be ready to do something
  2. to be planning to do something
  3. on the verge of doing something

Example sentences

  • I was about to raise my hand in class when Sally shouted out the answer. 
  • I thought my boyfriend was about to propose marriage but he broke-up with me instead.
  • What took you so long to get here? I was about to leave.
  • I'm about to put dinner on the table so go wash your hands.
  • Sssshhh! The speaker is about to start his lecture.
  • We were about to buy a new car when our neighbor told us he was trying to sell his two-year-old Mercedes.
  • The plane it's about to land so please put your seat in the upright position and close your tray table. 
  • Don't say another word! I'm about to lose my patience with you.
  • The toy store announce it's about to close 40% of its stores to avoid bankruptcy.
  • I was just about to cheat on my diet but luckily my sister called and talked me out of it.


  • on the verge of
  • at the point of
  • fixing to

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