Idiom:  a spring in one's step

A businessman with springs on his shoes is happily leaping as he walks. Caption: "Joe's had a spring in his step ever since he was promoted to the sales manager role."


Idiom:  a spring in one's step

  • a cheerful attitude or enthusiastic positive mood as seen by the manner in which someone is walking

Note:  This enthusiasm and attitude can be seen in the way a person has a little bounce (like a wire coil spring) as they take steps while walking.

Example sentences

— She's had a spring in her step ever since she got a boyfriend.

— Getting straight A's in school will certainly put a spring in your step.

— When you walk into the interview put a little spring in your step so the panel will think you are confident and enthusiastic about the job.

— It's so great to see everyone walk across the stage with a spring in their step as they get their university diplomas at graduation.

— My dog has a little spring in his step today because it's so sunny and warm after seven straight days of cloudy weather and rain.

— What's going on? You're walking with a little spring in your step today.

— Have you noticed John's had a spring in his step ever since he was promoted?

— What's your problem? I'd have a spring in my step if I was making six-figures like you.

— No, he's not cocky. He's just got a little spring in his step since he got into his first choice for college.

— My mom's got a spring in her step today because my colleague said she looks young enough to be my older sister.

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