Idiom:  a king’s ransom


Idiom:  a king’s ransom

  • a large amount of money

Example sentences

  • It would take a king’s ransom to purchase a mansion like that.
  • Don’t laugh—she makes a king’s ransom selling clothing for dogs.
  • I got rid of my beach house. It cost a king's ransom for upkeep.
  • I'd give a king's ransom to date a Victoria Secret's model.
  • He made a king's ransom as a CEO but he died of a heart attack at age 52.
  • Having a sports car will cost you a king's ransom to maintain and insure.
  • It costs a king's ransom for court side seats at the LA Lakers games.
  • Going to an Ivy League college costs a king's ransom so you better major in business or engineering.
  • I love your Louis Vuitton bag. It must have cost you a king's ransom.


  • a pot of gold
  • a tidy sum
  • a pretty penny
  • a princely sum
  • a windfall
  • a small fortune

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