Idiom:  a done deal


Idiom:  a done deal

  • something that has been decided and cannot be changed

Example sentences

— I thought going to the movies this evening was a done deal but now you say we're not going?

— We had to give two month's rent as a security deposit for the apartment so it's a done deal and we're moving in next month.

— This project isn't a done deal until everybody signs the contract.

— My lawyer says that I shouldn't start dating anyone until my divorce is a done deal.

— I was hoping my father wouldn't get the job but now it's a done deal and our family is moving at the end of the school year.

— Did you see the news? The new bridge is a done deal and they'll start construction in two weeks.

— When I told my boss I was leaving the company he offered me a promotion and a $35,000 raise so my new job isn't a done deal yet. If I can also get in an office I will definitely stay.

— Could you call our realtor to see if our bid for the house is a done deal yet?

— Unfortunately, the company merger is a done deal and I'll be one of the people getting laid off from my job.

— We thought our babysitter was a done deal for Friday night but she just told us she has a school dance so we're not sure we can make it to the party after all.

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