Idiom:  a big deal


Idiom:  a big deal

  • something very important

Example sentences

— Your lying to me is a big deal and I’m not going to forget it.

— Congratulations! Graduating from high school is a big deal.

— It's not a big deal if you can't come to the reception but make sure you come to the ceremony.

— You're right. Being on time for work is a big deal and I promise to be on time from now on.

— Most of my patients don't think that getting enough sleep is a big deal but study after study shows how important it is for good health. 

— The errors you made weren't a big deal, it was trying to cover them up that was a serious problem. 

— Having poor grades my freshman year wasn't a big deal because I did really well the last three years in the classes related to my major.

— I thought working for my congressman would be a big deal but no one seems too impressed.

— I wish I could come to dinner but this case I'm working on is a big deal and I need to work late this evening.

— If you don't think paying your taxes late is a big deal you'll believe me when you see it the penalties.


  • no big deal
  • no biggie

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