Idiom:  do something blindfolded


do something blindfolded:  

  • easily and effortlessly
  • very skilled at doing something
  • with little difficulty
  • almost capable enough to do something without looking

Example sentences

— I’ve been driving a motorcycle so many years I could do it blindfolded.

— My grandma knows this recipe so well that she doesn't measure any ingredients and could cook it blindfolded.

— I've been practicing my routine all summer and now I could practically do it blindfolded.

— You're so good I bet you could do your balance beam routine blindfolded.

— We have assembled so many party favors I'm sure that now we could put them together blindfolded.

— When I first did my paper route I needed a map but now I could do it blindfolded.

— I haven't hiked this Trail in 15 years but I could still do it blindfolded.

— Don't worry, once you learn how to ride a bike you'll be able to do it blindfolded.


  • with eyes closed
  • with eyes closed shut
  • with one hand tied behind one's back
  • standing on one's head

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