Idiom:  take someone back (to something)


Phrasal verb / Idiom:  take someone back (to something)

  • to remind some of or cause someone remember an earlier time or experience

Example sentences

— This song takes me right back to senior year in college.

— Seeing this little book again takes me back to when you were a baby.

— That commercial takes me right back to when I was a kid watching cartoons on Saturday mornings.

— When I heard my attacker's parole was approved it took me right back to the night he assaulted me.

— Hearing you and your girlfriend argue takes me back to when my parents were still married and constantly bickered about every little thing.

— Balmy nights like these take me back to summers in Miami at my grandparents' house.

— Our high school reunion really took us back to the amazing '80s. Those were the days and the music was so much fun.

— When the power went out for four days after the storm, it took me back to my childhood without electricity, running water and indoor plumbing.

— My children's homework takes me back to the days I was irritated with my mother because she needed to review the whole chapter to help me with my math assignments.

— Your naivete takes me back to the beginning of my marriage. Just wait until the honeymoon months or years are over and you'll understand the work involved.

— This hotel is incredible. The art deco style definitely takes you back to another era.


  • awaken one's memories
  • call up
  • summon up

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