Idiom:  zip one's lips


Idiom:  zip one's lips

  • to be silent; to not tell a secret (as if the lips were zipped with a zipper so the person cannot talk)

Example sentences

— I’m going to resign in two weeks but zip your lips please!

— Don’t worry, I’ll zip my lips.

— You promised to zip your lips about our adoption but now everyone's asking when the baby will arrive. How could you spill the beans!

— I recommend you talk to a psychiatrist about this issue. I doubt anyone will be able to zip their lips if you tell someone.

— I'm tired of having to zip my lips around my mother-in-law.  Next time, I'm going to tell her what I really think.

— When we asked for volunteers help clean up after the event, everyone zipped their lips.

— Don't worry, I zipped my lips when the teacher asked if you where at the football game last night.


  • be tight lipped
  • to button up
  • be hush-hush
  • have tight lips

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