Idiom:  zero in on something


Idiom:  zero in on something

  • to focus or pay attention to one particular thing

Example sentences

— I think you should zero in on chapter two because it’s the most relevant for your situation.

— There’s a lot we could discuss at the meeting but let’s zero in on project planning first.

— Notice when we zero in on the increasing number of hours worked, productivity starts to decline.

— Have Sandra review the document. When she zeros in on something, you can be sure she'll find any mistakes.

—During the search, we zeroed in on a one-mile radius in a wooded area between the girl's school and her home.

— Let's zero in on our social media efforts before the launch and track results in Excel.

— We zeroed in on improving our response rates to customer complaints in order to provide responses within 24 hours.

— After lunch we'll reconvene and zero in on the final chapter of the study.

— We're going to zero in on voter registration rather than advertising at this point.

— When I looked for a job, I zeroed in on the top ten companies I wanted to work for and asked everyone I knew if they had any contacts.


  • zoom in on something

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