Idiom:  yes man


Idiom:  yes man

  • Someone who always agrees with everything that someone else says.  (The person always says “yes”)

Note:  This is especially used to describe someone who agrees with the opinions or proposals of someone who has more authority or to try to gain someone's approval.

Example sentences

  • My boss is a total yes man, so now we have an impossible sales target from upper management.
  • It’s funny how brave you are when you complain to us but you become a yes man when your girlfriend is around.
  •  Unfortunately, you have to be a yes man to survive here. 
  • I hate how everyone is a yes man around me. I'm able to receive constructive criticism and other points of view. 
  • He's a tyrant at home with his family but a total yes man at work. 
  • If you continue to be a yes man, you're going to always get stuck with the worst assignments.
  • I used to be a yes man but after I attended a public speaking course, I became more assertive as well as better speaker.


  • camp follower
  • ass kisser (slang)

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