Idiom:  would not be caught dead


Idiom:  would not (never) be caught dead

  • to never do the thing mentioned because it would be too embarrassing or humiliating
  • to dislike something very much

Example sentences

  • My girlfriend bought me this tie and I don’t know what I’m going to do because it's so ugly I’d never be caught dead wearing it.
  • I took a taxi to the party because I wouldn't be caught dead riding in my father's old car
  • I asked my son to walk my daughter to school but now that he's a teenager, he won't be caught dead with her.
  • John's tattoo looks like a fifth grader designed it. I wouldn't be caught dead with something so cheesy.
  • Do they really expect us to wear these ugly t-shirts? I'm going to quit—seriously I'd never be caught dead wearing this.
  • My sister looks like a clown. I'd never be caught dead wearing that much makeup.
  • I have to talk to my daughter this evening. She told her aunt she wouldn't be caught dead in public with her until she loses 200 lbs.
  • My roommate is such a snob. She'd never be caught dead drinking beer—she only drinks champagne.


  • wouldn't be seen dead

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