Idiom:  without fail


Idiom:  without fail

  • something that is certain, it always happens

Example sentences

— My husband is amazing—he takes me out to dinner twice a month, without fail.

— Don't worry, the mailman comes every day by 2:00 PM, without fail

— Without fail, the delivery boy throws the newspaper into my flower bed.

— Why does it always rain on the weekends, without fail?

— My Aunt Beverly sends me a birthday card with $50 inside every year, without fail.

— Without fail, this client always pays their bill late so we're going to have to start charging a late fee.

— Yes, I will be at your wedding without fail. I have already booked my plane ticket and made hotel reservations.

— Did you hear John's comment at today's staff meeting? Without fail, he says something stupid or offensive.


  • rain or shine

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