Idiom:  Who cares?


Idiom:  who cares?

  • used in spoken English to dismiss something because you are not interested in something or because it’s not important to you.

Note:  This should only be used informally, in conversations where you know the person (and even then it can be considered rude).

Example sentences

— Who cares what day you do the grocery shopping as long as you buy the food.

— Who cares if it's vegetarian food as long as it's free.

— "Did you know your sister got first place in her swimming race?"  "No, who cares?"

— "I'm going to tell Mom that you're watching TV instead of doing your homework." "So, who cares!"

— Everyday there's some story about the Kardashian's. Honestly, who cares about these people?

— Who cares about designer jeans anymore? They're are a total waste of money.

— It's the Super Bowl. Who cares what seats we have as long as we get to go to the game.

— Who cares if you've gained two kilos? No one's going to notice.

— "Who do you think will win this season of The Voice?" "I don't know. Who cares?"


  • nobody cares
  • who gives a hoot / sh*t

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