Idiom:  wash out (something)

A downpour (lots of rain) on a tennis court: We had tickets for the US Open tennis tournament this afternoon but all of the matches were washed out.


Idiom:  wash out (something)

  • to cancel an event because of rain

Example sentences

— Sadly, we went all the way to New York for the US Open but the matches were washed out the day we had tickets.

— Let’s have the picnic in July so it won’t get washed out this year.

— What's your backup plan in case of rain? You don't want your wedding washed out.

— The race should've been washed out. It was so muddy and slippery and we were lucky no one was injured.

— The concert was washed out. I won't buy another ticket this summer unless the concert is indoors.

— The terms and conditions say that there are no refunds if the event is washed out.

— Practice won't be washed out. We can play inside in the gym if there's a storm.

— I secretly hope the charity golf tournament will be washed out. I'm too tired to go.


  • call off

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