Idiom:  up to one’s neck in something


Idiom:  up to one’s neck in something

  • to be very busy doing something

Example sentences

  • I’m up to my neck in laundry and ironing this weekend.
  • You’re always up to your neck in work—why don’t you hire someone to help you?
  • I'm up to my neck in wedding invitations! I've been doing them all day and I've still got 50 to address tomorrow.
  • I had to fire Sandy. I'm up to my neck in complaints because she accidentally billed every one of our clients $1,250 instead of $125.
  • We're up to our neck in weeds. We'll have to work all day tomorrow to pull them up so we can plant our garden next week.
  • During the peak season we're always up to our necks in traveler complaints.
  • I wish I could go to the game but I'm up to my neck in homework.
  • I was up to my neck in emails so I just delete anything more than 3 weeks old. They'll write again if it's really important.
  • My wife's up to her neck with holiday planning so I volunteered to get the Christmas tree and decorate it.


  • up to one's eyeballs
  • up to one's ears
  • up to here (in something)
  • knee deep in something)

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