Idiom:  until all hours


Idiom:  until all hours

  • until very late at night
  • until the early morning

Note:  This idiom is frequently used with "up" to mean someone has not yet gone to bed and is going to sleep much later than usual at night.

Example sentences

— We were up until all hours last night finishing the report before the deadline.

— Our neighbors are so annoying, they play music really loud until all hours during the week.

— I was up until all hours studying and then fell asleep at my desk and missed my exam.

— I'm afraid we're going to be working until all hours this week promoting next week's event.

— Where were you? We were looking for you until all hours when you didn't come home by your 12:00am curfew!

— I had to quit my job. I was tired of being at the office until all hours every day of the week.

— The first year of having a baby is really difficult. Plan to be up until all hours and survive on very little sleep.

— I've love living in the United States. Many stores are open until all hours—in fact, many are open 24 hours.

— Spring Break in Florida is so much fun. We party until all hours and sleep in late every day.

— You look awful. You must've been out until all hours drinking last night.

— My puppy was so sick yesterday, I was up until all hours carefully watching her until I could take her to the vet in the morning.


  • until the crack of dawn

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