Idiom:  under fire


Idiom:  under fire

  • being intensely criticized or questioned
  • being shot at / attacked by fire arms

Example sentences

Meaning 1:  being intensely criticized or questioned

— When I met my boyfriend’s parents, they had me under fire the entire evening.

— I felt like I was under fire from the management teamanswering question after question when I proposed staff get mental health days.

— The communication director was under fire at the press conference about their latest attack ad against the governor's opponent.

— President Trump is once again under fire for his comments about the seriousness of the Coronavirus.

— I don't care if I come under fire for signing this bill into law. It's the right thing to do.

— My boss is under fire again for making sexist remarks.

Meaning 2:  being shot at / attacked by fire arms

— When I served in Iraq, our unit was under fire for almost an hour but we all escaped without injuries.

— The robbers were under fire for 20 minutes before they put down their weapons and surrendered to the police.

— Our troops fought bravely under fire for several days and we recognize they made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us.

— We need gun control now! Our children should not be under fire at school.


  • under attack
  • take a hit

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