Idiom:  under construction


Idiom:  under construction

  • being built

Example sentences

— This website is still under construction.

— There’s a lot of traffic on the freeway because the bridge is under construction.

— We have a sign up at the front of the store letting know customers that we're still open while the building is under construction.

— How long has that house been under construction? It looks the same as when I was here eight months ago.

— I've still haven't ever seen the inside of the Colosseum in Rome. It was under construction when we visited the city.

— Our office building is under construction so we're all working at home this summer.

— The older section of the museum is under construction but you can still visit the new wing.

— I never thought this church would be under construction for three years!

— That section of town is always under construction so there's no parking and lots of traffic. Take the metro instead.

— Unfortunately, the monument was under construction and covered in scaffolding so I couldn't get any good pictures.


  • half-done
  • in progress
  • in the making
  • in the rough

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