Idiom:  touch base (with someone)


Idiom:  touch base (with someone)

  • to contact someone

Example sentences

— When you return from holiday let’s touch base so we can set up our next appointment.

— I've been careful to touch base with my former supervisors over the years so I can use them as employment references in the future. 

— I haven't spoken to Sharon in a few months even though she promised to touch base.

— Take one pill every six hours to reduce pain and swelling and I'll touch base with you this evening to see how you're feeling.

— Have you touched base with our client to see how the car is running and if there's anything she might need or have questions about?

— Please call Jonathan when you have a chance. He tried to touch base an hour ago to see how you're doing.

— Do you think we should touch base with her teachers to let them know she's on anti-anxiety medication?

— It was great to see you. Let's touch base again next month so we can plan another outing with the kids.


  • reach out
  • keep in touch
  • get in touch with
  • ring up

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