Idiom: to say the least


Idiom:  to say the least

  • used to show there’s more you could say about something (but you’re not going to exaggerate or say more about it)

Example sentences

— Her outfit was skimpy, to say the least.

— After seven flight connections and 64 straight hours of travel, I was grateful to finally sleep in a hotel bed, to say the least.

— The lecture was so boring, to say the least.

— A: That host on Fox is a bigot, to say the least!  B: Which one are you talking about?

— We were sweating through the ceremony, to say the least.

— My boyfriend's mother has really weird taste in home decorating, to say the least.

— The chicken was very dry, to say the least. Let's get the check.

— After we got lost for five hours and it was getting dark, we were happy to find other hikers, to say the least.

— I think that was the strangest interview I've ever had, to say the least.

— The singer's voice was interesting, to say the least.

— I found the last candidate overbearing, to say the least.


  • to put it mildly
  • at the very least

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