Idiom:  to each one's own


Idiom:  to each one's own

  • each person has his or her own opinion and/or way of doing something

Example sentences

— I don't understand how people can still smoke cigarettes—well, to each their own.

— My boyfriend eats rice with everything, even breakfast. To each his own I guess.

— Personally, I'd never drive pickup truck, but to each his own.

— In Europe, we don't wear clothes that are that baggy, but to each their own.

— I don't understand how people can be opposed to international travel, but to each his own I guess.

— You want to have hamburgers for lunch again? Okay, fine, to each their own. I'll get a salad across the street at Whole Foods.

— We believe it's important to allow our readers to provide feedback, but to each his own, you certainly don't have to leave comments.

— I prefer a much more natural or minimal makeup look, but to each her own.

— My parents hate tattoos so I was afraid to I tell them I got one, but they simply said to each his own.

— Normally we'd say to each one's own but your not wearing a mask during a pandemic threatens everyone's health.


  • different strokes for different folks

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