Idiom:  to a T


Idiom:  to a T

  • perfectly
  • exactly right, precisely

Note:  The idiom is often used in these forms:  "fits to a T," "suits (somebody) to a T," or  someone can do something "down to a T."

Example sentences

— After dieting for three months I was really excited that my jeans fit to a T again.

— That’s a beautiful dress and it fits you to a T.

— In the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody," Rami Malek played Queen's legendary lead singer Freddie Mercury to a T.

— Don't worry, we did nothing wrong. We followed every requirement of the grant to a T.

— The description given by the victim fit the culprit to a T. He was turned in to the police by his mother within six hours.

— Wow, you've got the French accent down to a T.

— Motherhood suits you to a T!

— Follow these directions to a T and you won't have any problems.

— In the lab, you have to follow each formula to a T.

— I'm shocked that your husband organized this baby shower to a T. He's incredible.

— Congratulations, you performed the role in the play to a T.

— In international relations, it's important to follow social customs to a T in order to maintain good relations.

— We were laughing hysterically when our boss mocked the director's whiny voice to a T.

— You've really got that Michael Jackson costume and dancing down to a T.


  • bulls-eye
  • dead-on
  • on the button
  • on the money

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