Idiom:  there’s nothing to it


Idiom:  there’s nothing to it

  • it’s easy to do

Example sentences

— Don’t worry about taking the bus to New York, there’s really nothing to it except showing up on time for departure.

— You’re going to love yoga—there’s nothing to it.

— Just put the coffee pod in here and press the button. See, there's nothing to it.

— Bowling? There's nothing to it! You'll love it, I promise.

— I never buy anything from IKEA. My wife thinks there's nothing to it but I can never figure out the instructions.

— Don't worry about traveling internationally—there's really nothing to it.

— I was scared to move overseas but there was nothing to it. People speak English everywhere.

— A:  "How was skydiving?" B: "Fantastic! There's nothing to it except trusting you'll be okay."

— I made my first cake from scratch yesterday. There's nothing to it.

— My mother was so nervous to use Instagram but after a week she realized there's nothing to it and started posting photos herself.


  • (as) easy as pie
  • be a snap
  • no trouble
  • with your eyes closed
  • (it's) like taking candy from a baby

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