Idiom:  the waiting list


Idiom:  the waiting list / wait list

  • a list of people waiting for something that's not available right now

Example sentences

— We were on the waiting list for a two-bedroom apartment in our building for a year and a half and finally decided to move.

— I just found out I got on the wait list at the University of Maryland. Hopefully, I'll get in.

— There aren't currently any tables available. Would you like me to put your name on the waiting list?

— We're number five on the wait list so they'll be ready to help us soon.

— I've been on the waiting list for about two hours but I'm staying as long as I have to in order to see the doctor today.

— Do you have any idea how many people are on the waiting list? I may come back tomorrow.

— Yes, we'd like you to add our names to the waiting list please.

— The wait list to get into that private school is almost four years. Good luck if you don't have connections.

— I just found out they're not going to take any more names from the wait list today.

— I really hope people will cancel because of the weather. We're first on the wait list so our chances of getting in are good.

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