Idiom:  the very last


Idiom:  the very last

  • the final part of something

Example sentences

— We arrived late but were able to see the very last set of the tennis match.

— I’m sorry, but that was the very last of the bread we baked this morning.

— Why did someone eat everything except the very last of the ice cream?  There's just one spoonful left!

— I'm so glad that's the very last complaint I'm going to have to deal with before my retirement tomorrow.

— Was that the very last toner cartridge you took from the supply room?

— Unfortunately, that was the very last train into the city today but you can take bus 34.

— Let's hope that was the very last passenger because if so, we'll be able to have our own row on this flight.

— I just completed the very last order a moment ago so were now caught up.

— If you roll the toothpaste tube upwards, you can get the very last bit of it to come out.

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