Idiom:  (the) same to you


Idiom:  (the) same to you

  • (spoken) used to respond to someone by wishing the exact same thing the the person has said to you.

Note: This could be a polite or rude response depending what the person said.

Example sentences

— A: “I hope you have a great weekend.”  B: “Thanks, the same to you.”

— A: “Best wishes for a healthy and happy new year.”  B: The same to you!”

— A: "We're hoping you stay safe during this global pandemic."  B: "The same to you my friend, same to you."

— A: “I hope you get what you deserve!”  B: “The same to you!”

— A: “Get a life, loser.”  B: “Same to you, jerk. ”

— A: “Thanks for all you do for us. Your work is outstanding.”  B: “Same to you. It's always a pleasure to work with you.”

— A: “Sleep tight tonight, okay?”  B: “Okay, daddy. Same to you.”

— A: “Watch what you're doing! You almost hit my car, idiot.”  B: “Oh yeah? Same to you!”

— A: "Good luck on the test."  B: "Same to you. I hope we both pass."

— A: When Ellen told me she really likes me I couldn't speak but managed to say, "Same to you." It sounded weird but she was really happy and kissed me on the cheek.

— A: "I hate you! You're the worst sister in the world." B: "Same to you!"

— A: "Happy International Women's Day!" "The same to you!"

— A: "We wish you a Merry Christmas." B: "Thank you and same to you!"

— A: "I adore your outfit."  B: "Same to you. Where'd you buy your dress? It's lovely."

— A: "Have a great summer, Jonathan."  B:  "The same to you, Mrs. Thomas."


  • (right) back at you
  • ditto
  • (the) feeling is mutual

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