Idiom:  tempt fate


Idiom:  tempt fate

  • to take a risk because of a foolish idea or belief
  • to invite bad luck by showing one's confidence about something

Example sentences

— Luckily, I passed the test without studying but I'm not going to tempt fate next time.

— Don't you think you're tempting fate by using Facebook at work? 

— Using a fake ID to get into a bar is really tempting fate.

— As soon as you start talking about never getting sick, you're tempting fate.

— You're really tempting fate riding your bicycle through traffic without a helmet.

— Despite the government's orders for all residents to evacuate the city because of the Category 5 hurricane, many residents are tempting fate by staying at home.

— Don't you think 15 drunk people leaning over your balcony having a "spitting contest" is tempting fate? You should do something before there's a terrible accident.

— When we were young we tempted fate all the time using cocaine and ecstasy at parties. Thank God we never got arrested or addicted or worse!


  • ask for trouble
  • ask for it
  • court disaster
  • try one's luck
  • push one's luck

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