Idiom:  talk turkey

idiom talk turkey


Idiom:  talk turkey

  • To talk seriously or honestly and directly about something.

Example sentences

— I hope everyone comes to the meeting ready to talk turkey.

— The politician agreed to talk turkey with his constituents after the allegations surfaced.

— My ex-girlfriend wants to talk turkey... again. We've already had three long conversations since she broke up with me and I told her I'm never talking to her again.

— Look, we need to talk turkey. Your father and I are not going to loan you any more money. You need to get a job.

— I could sense my roommate wanted to talk turkey so I pretended I was asleep and began to snore loudly.

— The director has asked that you go down to his office. He wants to talk turkey. I bet it's because you were an hour late again this morning.

— A:  How can we find a way to talk turkey with the president? He only cares about how many people are coming to his rally tonight. B: Forget turkey, why don't we try to chat with him over some cheeseburgers?

— This morning, farmer Ted's daughter asked if we could talk turkey. She warned me that when the farmer invited me to Thanksgiving dinner he secretly meant that I'd BE the main course! I ran away and am never going back.

— Can we talk turkey? I feel like there's something wrong and you're not communicating with me.


  • not mince words / mince no words
  • make no bones about it
  • be up front
  • tell it like it is

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