Idiom:  talk someone into something


Idiom:  talk someone into something

  • to persuade someone to do something

Note: the opposite idiom (to dissuade someone) is to talk someone OUT of doing something.

Example sentences

— I wish I had gone with Sandy to buy her car—the salesperson talked her into purchasing the most expensive model.

— Please stop asking—you’re not going to talk me into letting you go out with your friends tonight.

— Don't try to talk me into coming home for Thanksgiving. I've already promised to go to my roommate's family's home in Aspen.

— Do you think you could talk your sister into babysitting for us this weekend?

— You're not going to talk me into going away for spring break. I'm not interested in drinking and partying for a week.

— Unfortunately, her boss talked her into taking on another project so she'll be working late for the next few months.

— If your boyfriend is trying to talk you into taking drugs, perhaps you need to find a new boyfriend.

— My parents are really glad that I talked them into downsizing to a townhouse. They've saved a lot of money and now have access to tennis courts and a pool.

— My boss is upset the director talked her into hiring a consultant to write a grant proposal for us. The consultant is incompetent and we are approaching the deadline.

— Remember that you are the one that talked me into not buying flight insurance. We're probably going to lose $2,200.

— I've tried to talk my brother into having a longer engagement but this has only made him more determined to get married right away.


  • coax someone into something
  • put ideas into someone's head
  • bring someone around
  • sweet talk someone into


  • talk someone out of doing something

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