Idiom:  talk back


Phrasal verb/Idiom:  talk back (to someone)

  • to rudely or disrespectfully reply to someone

Note: This idiom is especially used to describe when a child rudely replies to an authority figure such as a parent or teacher.

Example sentences

— If my children ever talked back to me like that they’d be grounded for weeks.

— My son got detention for talking back to his teacher again.

— What is the best way to handle the situation when your child talks back?

— I do not want to hear you talk back to your mother again!

— Be careful! Talking back to your coach could get you kicked of the team.

— Don't laugh if Samantha talks back to you again. That might encourage her.

— How could  you talk back to your grandma? You've really hurt her feelings!

— I used to talk back to everyone—teachers, my parents, the preacher at my church—but I grew out of it.

— My sister's children are so disrespectful. They talk back to her all the time.

— Wow, I would never dream of talking back to my parents like that.

— My mom made me wash my mouth out with soap for talking back to our babysitter.


  • be cheeky
  • smart mouth
  • mouth off

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