Idiom:  take part (in something)


Idiom:  take part (in something)

  • to be involved in an activity

Example sentences

— I’m so sorry but I won’t be able to take part in your wedding because I’ll be in Europe all summer.

— I hope I can take part in the festival as a volunteer this year.

— The manager wants everyone to take part in the food drive on Saturday but won't make it mandatory.

— Unfortunately, Senem can no longer take part in the committee so please let me know of anyone else that might be suitable.

— She was supposed to take part in the ceremony but she arrived 20 minutes late.

— I would've taken part in the conference if you had asked earlier. My schedule is fully booked and I cannot rearrange it.

— The principal called today to ask if you had taken part in the vandalism in the gym.

— Anyone who is a resident of the city can take part in the study and will receive a $25 Amazon gift certificate for their participation.

— If you were to take part in the art show, you would have something to add to your CV.

— Is it possible for Janice to take part in the debate instead of me? I hate public speaking.

— Hello, I'm calling to see if Dr. Jenkins could take part in a panel discussion on food allergy treatments.

— He not only took part in the conference but he actually delivered the keynote address.


  • play a part
  • get in on the act
  • pitch in
  • lend a hand

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