Idiom:  take leave


Idiom:  take leave

  • to have approved time off from work

Example sentences

— I’m trying to finish all of my work because I’m going to take leave next week.

— I know it’s late to ask but could I possibly take leave next month for two weeks?

— I normally take leave during the summer holidays when my kids are not in school.

— I deliver packages for UPS so try to take leave for two weeks during the coldest months of the year.

— I had to take all of my sick and holiday leave during my pregnancy so unfortunately my maternity leave is unpaid.

— I wanted to take 3 weeks' leave next month but my manager refused my request.

— I'm going to quit if I can't take leave to go to my sister's wedding.

— I don't work retail anymore because no one is allowed to take leave during the holidays.

— When do you want to take leave this summer?

— I wish you'd requested to take leave earlier because three of your colleagues already put in for leave for the same dates.


  • take time off

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